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Jul 14, 2010 4:11pm PDT
known as the barefoot bandit is back in the u.s.. he's arriving in miami the 19 year- old appeared in court today and told a judge that he needs more time to confirm that he has an attorney. he needs to talk to his mother may have hired one. the teenagers suspected in about 70 burglaries and pass in eight states and british columbia purity been on the run from the law for nearly two years and was arrested this weekend in the bahamas. >> look it cited traffic this is the golden gate bridge and you concede that it's very sluggish coming into the city on the left side of your screen into san francisco. " a back up there and moving slow on the right heading north bound at the marin. we'll be right back. signal. airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air.
Jul 27, 2010 4:00pm PDT
by an organization called leaks. the top u.s. military officers arguing that leak could put american lives at risk. there's concern about people in pakistan and afghanistan who have worked for the u.s.. espn reporter erin was on capitol hill today she's supporting a new bill that will toughen the penalties for stalkers. she has a lot interest in that legislation she was a victim of a man who videotaped her nude through the keyhole of a hotel room and posted it on line. he was sentenced to two and a half years of jail. this proposed law would take new technology into consideration when fighting stalkers. and south dakota farmer said if he hadn't taken these photos of the huge hailstorm you probably wouldn't have believed him. this thing is nearly 8 in. around. so big in fact the national weather service is trying to figure out if it smashes all previous records they think it does. the hell stone was found near the south dakota town. >> to live look at the james link is bumper-to-bumper in all directions getting on to 101 southbound at the bottom of your screen. a live look at
Jul 21, 2010 4:00pm PDT
pose for pictures today with leaders and u.s. defense secretary robert gates is there. the distinction started the sale or purchase of arms and north korea. the acquisition of luxury items like liquor and cigarettes to rewards its obsolete. >> i live look good side to the bay bridge toll plaza overcast here the fog is in the big story close to the coastline. this afternoon temperatures are very cool along with coast. 54 in half moon bay that's typically a morning low tablature appear that so were sitting in that the afternoon. 55 san francisco, 16 oakland carried just goes to show you how much the cool morning air can impact our forecast. it look a satellite picture of the fog spilling over into oakland the fog will push back into the bay and inland over night prickly pretty quickly. our morning fog will push back a lot which will mean more sunshine and warmer temperatures about five to 10 degrees warmer. the majority of that occurring in land and this week and less fog and temperatures will warm up a little bit. home at 6:00 a.m. he knows the fog scaling back its pretty wi
Jul 28, 2010 4:00pm PDT
decision is likely to come from here, the u.s. supreme court. last year even without this law arizona shares deputy turnover 26,000 suspected illegal immigration's to federal authorities. right now people are gathered in san francisco and it calls for federal immigration law. we turn to our solo reporters. daniel. >> i'm in for the federal building you can see across pierce's 4:00 p.m. you can see a big crowd this is the people out there you can see more people at the end of the street to starting to arrive. for gathering and here in front there have been no. you can see the police are placed just to ensure nothing goes wrong power of a fan. >> for agent daniel checkback is used for the newscasts. it's got a bay area weather right now. >> the fog is clear back off shore once again this afternoon a live look for the golden gate bridge sunny skies here and it's all clear throughout the bay area. this has led to warmer temperatures in the north bay. our current conditions all in the '70s. 77 at buck, 75 santa rosa, 70 in san rafael are north bay locations are warmer same thing with our i
Jul 26, 2010 4:00pm PDT
and the u.s. economy is doing well but there is still the yearand that week f the fairness of the dollar, will increase commodities. >> and what azure progress? >> and i do not think there is a big demand for gold? >> and you should purchase gold bouillon, instead of gold coins. >> and it also is difficult to resell. and she mentioned it the fedex, their earnings forecast. >> keep in mind, that ups the have to drop off a business letter [laughter] >> businesses are not happy, so when you get to a fedex it is like the train companies. and with commerce, and fedex, ups are good signs. >> housing? bp? >> housing is very average, and bp it is the second biggest event. the stock went up, then tony hayward has been fired, that put the stock up again. and the next big thing is when the quantify the damages. >> and tony hayward was a public-relations disaster? >> and he said that he wanted to just get his life back. and everybody just lost their livelihood and the gulf. it is going to play out for several years. >> and the month of may was brought a revision down and the month of june was
Jul 22, 2010 4:00pm PDT
. >> there is no solution.. the u.s. are at work. there is no set time. them over 200 people missing for the past two days that is a cop out. >> the union as the reason why they are waiting long is because the transit has changed the driver's schedules a trip short notice. and some are driving a different route every day with out familiarity. >> with disrupting their lives, and to promote a strike. >> and just to know that all the drivers have not driven these routes before in the have the ability to choose any route. the union leaders kept them are from those choices that is why there were some of the complaints. and if the union? and if the drivers are mad at their own union? was there to blame. >> and getting pushed out? >> they're not going to be pushed out, they've been chosing choosing this, and each has a $1 million budget deficit. the only people that not contributed is the members and the union members. we need their help to keep this from being solvent. >> and kron4's spoke to commuters that is impacting >> it is difficult, to wait for one or. and the one thing that i hope
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6